San Antonio's Home Rehab Program

9/6/20221 min read

The city of San Antonio wants to help you with your necessary home rehabilitation repairs! 🛠

NHSD will assist qualified homeowners with low to moderate income repair minor and major repairs for the home such as:

  • Foundation/StructuralRoof Shingle Replacement

  • Electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling

  • Water heater

  • Windows and doors

  • There are a few qualification requirements you need to know about:You must reside in a single-family home within San Antonio

  • All property owners that are on the deed must live in the home

  • Income limitation cap

  • Cannot be late on their property tax payments

  • Must have homestead exemptions implemented

Is this program something you’re looking to utilize?

gray and white concrete house
gray and white concrete house